Tiddly Taste Buds Limited is a delivery food service for the whole family. We have our delightful Homemade Baby Food Range suitable from age 6m+. First Flavours of this world, made to order, delivered fresh from our kitchen to yours.

We have meals for the whole family- Browse our kids dishes. We offer small and large plates for the grown-ups too! We call it something for everyone. Take a look at our menu.

We have a special meal gifting service where you can order food online for a loved one and have it delivered to them directly, because what says I love you more than food?  Find out more here. (Link to Meal Gifting Service-under giftcards)

We love shopping for new

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produce, if you have the pleasure of dining in London today you can pretty much have any cuisine you want in the world. Food is so versatile and yet baby food in the supermarkets has often been safe and samey. Tiddly Taste Buds Ltd was created out of the need for baby food that tantalised the taste buds and tasted like real food. We’d all like our kids to be able to appreciate good food as they grow up.

Starting the journey with Tiddly Taste Buds, your baby will learn to explore and enjoy all foods and flavours. No fussy eating, however, if your baby does have any challenges with feeding or eating, we have an in-house Occupational Therapist who will be sharing some techniques on how to encourage children to BE BRAVE and explore food at their pace. blog___. Sign up to receive email updates on our blog and more.(Link to Blog)

To create diverse options and choice for babies and family to explore their taste buds,

To create foods made from hand selected nutrient dense ingredients.

To giveTiddly Taste Buds a great foodie start in life.

To deliver foods that reflects the diverse range of dining available in the UK.

To serve a variety of dishes to families inspired by the world and the season.

When we say we do all of it, we sincerely mean it.

  • We study every ingredient we use to make sure it adds nutritional value to a meal, balances the dish and compliments the flavours. We love cooking, it’s a passion of ours. Shopping to discover and hand select new produce to cook with is always a big deal for us.
  • We prepare every ingredient and recipe for our meals ourselves so we know exactly what goes in.
  • We love cooking, did we mention that already, with plenty little palates to feed in our family, balancing tastes has become an art form. We can assure that everyone will eat and be merry.
  • We encourage our babies to explore textures and flavours of fresh food.
  • We cater to all dietary requirements and there is something on the menu for everyone. However if you are not sure about anything, feel free to get in touch with us.
  • We do all the hard work, so you can focus on more important daily activities.
  • We use a variety of ingredients; organic, seasonal, international, plant based, free range, corn-fed, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, lactose free.
  • Our meat and poultry are purchased from: Jago’s of Chelsea- Established in 1972. Wyndhams- A family butchers with high quality meats and sustainable methods, Tariq Halal Meats- Winners of Halal butcher’s shop of the year awards 2015 & 2017.
  • We care about your babies food journey and promise to make it adventurous, tasty and nourishing.
  • We do not add salt or sugar to any of our TTB starter pack or baby range. No added preservatives in all meals.
  • Our food is cooked to taste so if you want us to tweak the we can tailor meals to preferences.
  • We encourage diners to eat with the full spectrum of taste to cultivate a varied and/or eclectic palate
  • We offer support and advice to parents who want to learn more about preparing delicious meals. Enquire form: I want to receive recipes and access support and advice for meal prep.